Investment strategist, Robert Cable, has spent decades researching stock market behaviour with the rigour of a scientist. He now shares with you some of the money secrets he has discovered.

Using these proven investment strategies, you’ll be able to build a portfolio that has greater potential for gain, while at the same time taking only a fraction of the risk. You can invest, possibly for the first time, with the odds in your favour and accomplish this with a minimum of time, effort and worry.

Whether you’re an inexperienced investor or a professional money manager, Inevitable Wealth is sure to reveal profitable concepts that will give you a decided investment edge.

Here is what some actual clients have to say about working with The Cable Group:

“Sometime in the early 1990s I happened to pick up a copy of Investor’s Business Daily, a highly respected publication out of Los Angeles. There, on the front page was an article about a Canadian investment advisor. This was one of the luckiest days of my life. I contacted Bob and ever since have felt very comfortable working with him and his team. They are helpful, courteous and responsive. My results have been better than I could have ever wished. You won’t make a mistake investing with Bob.”

—Retired lawyer, Toronto, Ontario

“Each staff member of The Cable Group is professional and they provide a personal touch. Bob eliminates the guesswork and worry from investing for me. I no longer make the mistakes I used to make. I could not be happier. They’re truly interested in me as a person and doing the best job they can for me. They provide a higher-than-expected level of service and I’m now relaxed and at ease with my investments. The best investment decision I ever made was turning my investments over to The Cable Group.”

—Business owner, Toronto, Ontario

“Bob takes into account my needs and wishes. When I started investing with him I was an extremely nervous investor. Bob and his staff took me by the hand, reassured me whenever I needed it and I’ve been greatly rewarded. I have complete confidence in how they invest and they’ve provided me with what will be a very comfortable retirement. Over the years I’ve invested with several other investment counsellors and Bob has far and away done the best job of them all.”

—Business owner, Etobicoke, Ontario

“Whenever I get together with friends and the topic of investing comes up, I use superlatives to describe how great my investment situation is with Bob Cable and his team. I have complete and utter trust in Bob and his team based on their integrity, professionalism and of course, great investment performance. They really have taken the worry out of investing for me. I’m thrilled to have this connection with Bob and his team. The disciplined investment approaches they use are something I know I could never do for myself. They’ve taken the emotion out of investing. It’s great to have these professionals on my side and they’re also people that I like.”

—Medical specialist, White Rock, B.C.