Financial freedom is not a specific dollar amount. There are millionaires who constantly worry about their money and who waste time watching every little zig and zag of the market. They are not financially free by any means.

The strategies outlined in this book will put your investing on autopilot. They will give you the freedom to detach from the stock market for extended periods of time while still providing you with the probability of achieving higher returns at a lower risk than many investors ever experience.

In chapter after chapter, experienced investment advisor Robert S. Cable presents convincing evidence about how the market actually behaves. Decades of his scientifically rigorous research have been distilled down to a few practical strategies—strategies so simple that a novice investor can understand and use them, and so powerful that even a professional money manager can benefit from them.

The investing methods you’ll discover are designed for the ages, to last for your lifetime and quite possibly your children’s lifetimes too. This is Investing on Autopilot.